SPECIZALIZED RETAILING 2017-10-28T20:54:20+00:00

In the specialized retail sector the loyalty program management is key in the daily retail store operations

as well as displying detailled product information  on demand.

Customer benefits of using the  Gempsy Kiosk :

  • Highlight promotional offers closest to customer and product
  • Improves customer flow and experience as they easily access prodcut informtion in anwer to their product questions
  • Reinforces customer loyalty with direct acces to his/her account through  individually targeted promotions
  • Access to technical inforamtions about products and how to use them
  • Access to products avalability in other stores in case of products are unavailable in the current store

The retailer benefits

  • Individual customer  shopping  logs processed faster and easier
  • Small footprint : easy to install in small or restricted retail areas
  • Multiple ways to communicate withthe customer : NFC,Bar code,QRcode
  • A very efficientchannel for  promotional and happy hourmessages
  • Customized to the  retailer’s color themes
  • Support for advertising, andspecial promotions to increase revenues.