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In 1991 Gempsy created and launched the very first price checking devices., Today, through Gempsy’sresellers network, Gempsy has installedmore than 40,000 devices in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Feedback from Gempsy’scustomers show an increase in store turnover and abetter storeimage as perceived by consumers.

Technology has improved the initial devices to evolve using multimedia interactive terminals to  host value added applications. In addition to Gempsy’s corparate solutions, Gempsy can customize applications to  the retailer’s  various needs . The Gempsy kiosk isa true point of contact in the store, that is designed to meet the expectations of  both the consumer and the retailer and enhance the shopping experience.

Elevate customer service through our digital solutions

  • Enhances instore sales assistance and customer service
  • Customer satisfaction feedback
  • Compatible solutions with smartphones and othermobile App software
  • Targeted promotions
  • Digital media tool for generating extra ad revenue
  • Follow-up of digitally-savvy customers in the omnichannel experience
  • Browse online catalogs
  • Click & CollectApp, to retrieve and deliver internet orders