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Digitalization of your customers course is main Gempsy objective

Our ambition is to reenchant the consumer experience .Through compact and elegantmultimediatabletslike kiosks located in the sales areas, your customers will be easily and quickly eye catched and given the informations theymayneed.

Customer experience digitalization was made possible  thanks to the terminals technology evolution, on top of which Gempsy developped various applications.

For each of which we can also taylor those applications to suit at most the retailer needs creating Points of Contacts kiosks at retailer image and matching consumer expectations.


The Gempsy units are your digital  POINT OF CONTACT with your instore customers.

All  units have an innovative design and functionfor  easy  integration into your store space (in the aisles or by the product shelves) that attracts  customers with their eye catchingdesign and interactive touch screen,  for displayingrelevant information such as loyalty rewards, promotions and ads, etc.  But most important, these units attract customers by engaging them in the sales process at the POP, to generate more traffic, more customer satisfaction and more sales opportunities !

The technological evolution of interactive solutions at the POP have driven  Gempsy to propose multiple customer centric applications, including interactions with smartphones

For every  application,Gempsy can offer  a solution for a perfect match to your specific needs in order to improve customer service and sales.



In 1991, GEMPSY created the first Price Verifier Terminal, and more than 25 years later Gempsy is still well ahead of the competition to provide state of the art,welldesigned devices that offer a wide range of software applications to enhancethe customer experience

Gempsy devices are real Points of Contact with instore customers by displaying product and price information, dedicated promotions  and,generally speaking , precise and dedicated information in meeting the customer  expectations for getting  the best quality of service.

Also , as  feedback for customer satisfaction, Gempsy devices can give the retailer real, transparent information about what the customersthink of their store visit, product choices and the  quality of service they received.