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Reinforcing product promotion and making the buying experience  as easy and enjoyable as  possible are the key  factors in the retail food business.


Customer benefits of using the  Gempsy Kiosk :

  • Easy for the customer to shop and to self check out
  • Receive special promotional offers at the best possible time ie when checking price or loyalty points
  • Improves customer flow and experience as they easily access prodcut informtion in anwer to their product questions
  • Data capture to serve  customer needs and prefernces
  • Retain customer loyalty with easy access to loyalty programs
  • Enhable direct interaction between the customer and a remote sales assistant in real time

The retailer benefits

  • Individual customer  shopping  logs processed faster and easier
  • Small footprint : easy to install in small or restricted retail areas
  • Multiple ways to communicate withthe customer : NFC,Bar code,QRcode
  • A very efficientchannel for  promotional and happy hourmessages
  • Customized to the  retailer’s color themes
  • Support for advertising, andspecial promotions to increase revenues.